Tiger Nut & Cashew Butter

Tiger Nut & Cashew Butter

Funky Nut Company are the first to ever make a Tiger Nut & Cashew Butter. But hey, developing new kinds of nut butters is just one of the things that makes us funky.

Most people know what a cashew nut is but

What is a Tiger Nut?

Well first, lets begin by saying that like peanuts, the tiger nut isn´t a nut. It´s actually a small root vegatable which is grown pretty much like a potato. These little fellas have been used as a food for around 4000 years. We import our tiger nuts from Spain where the spanish know them as ´chufa´.

Great for People on a paleo or ketogenic diet. Funky Nut Company Tiger Nut & Cashew Butter is vegan, gluten and lactose free.

Tiger Nuts are also nutritionally dense. See below how they compare to some other foods. (Image taken with thanks from freetheanimal.com)

funky nut company
But wait, we have added this super little fella to our cashew nut butter, sprinkled in just a touch of organic sea salt and the result is.. well, lets say tasty.

You can buy this tasty nut butter HERE

We also sell Tiger Nuts which are a great superfood snack. See them HERE.

We will be adding recipes to use our Tiger Nut & Cashew Butter with in the near future. See our other recipes HERE. We are always on the lookout for new recipes so if you have one send them over with a picture and could use yours.