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Natural Unsalted Smooth Peanut Butter 1kg


We’ve made our classic unsalted peanut butter smoother than action man’s chest for those who don’t like it rough.  All the smoothness, all the nutty flavour, all the natural goodness. Perfect for use in cooking coz no-one wants lumpy bits.

  • Vegetarian & vegan friendly
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • High in proteins and healthy fats
  • No added nasty salts, sugars or palm oil
  • Great as a spread, try it in smoothies, porridge, protein shakes, cakes, bakes, sauces and soups

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Product Description

Nuts, nuts, nuts. This jar is packed full of nothing but nutty goodness.  And you won’t believe how FUNKING tasty and how smooth it is for just one ingredient!

As it’s only 1 ingredient, it boasts 100% natural and doesn’t contain any palm oil, additives or other nasties – isn’t that nice?  It’s also high in protein, high in fibre and contains healthy fats which help promote healthy body and healthy mind.  As it doesn’t contain any added sugar or salts, its flavour is neutral and versatile in sweet or savoury food.  It’s so smooth you could ice skate on it.  Unlike ice skates, this makes it perfect for adding to lump free sauces, smoothies and baking.

1 review for Natural Unsalted Smooth Peanut Butter 1kg

  1. patricia wallace (verified owner)

    Brilliant! Like eating a mouthful of fresh peanuts! Due to a degenerative bone disease, I lost all my teeth 13 yrs ago. Although I got upper dentures, there wasn’t enough bone for lower dentures to adhere to. Since then, I’ve been unable to eat nuts, which I loved. This is the next best thing! I’m definitely going to try the other nut butters now!

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Nutritional Information

Natural unsalted peanut butter (per 100g)

Energy (kcal) 564kcal
Energy (kj) 2,360kj
Carbohydrate 12.5g
Protein 25.6g
Fat 46.1g


Roasted Peanuts (100%)

Allergen Information

Peanuts. Traces of other nuts may be present.