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Easter Egg Cashew Butter (Limited Edition)


You guys love this so much we’re currently SOLD OUT! While the FUNKING nut fairies are busy knocking up some more, here’s some others we think you’ll love!

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Product Description

Easter Egg Cashew Butter

Now this really is something FUNKING special. We’re not even sure it’s legal to sell something so good. Luxurious, smooth cashew nut butter, laced with classic creme egg goodness, it should be on the watch list it’s so naughty!

It may be one of our more devious and cheeky nut butters, but that doesn’t stop it being full of some goodness. It’s packed full of protein, high in fibre, healthy fats and contains no added salt.

Cashew nuts are not only full of minerals and vitamins like zinc, potassium and magnesium, these little magic nuts are actually a proven natural anti-depressant. If the joy of the creme egg nut butter doesn’t make your heart sing then the power of the nuts definitely will – it’s science!

Nutritional Information

Easter Egg Cashew Butter (per 100g)

Energy 579kcal
Carbohydrate 17.5g
Protein 26.2g
Fat 50.4g

Allergen Information

Cashews. Traces of other nuts and peanuts may be present.


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