Which Nut Butter is Right For You?

Cashew. Almond. Peanut. Hazelnut. Pistachio. You name it: there’s a nut butter! But with more on the market than ever before, how do you know which is the right one for you?

Want the the nut butter lowdown. Here’s our take on the top nut butters: from the highest in protein to the best one for your omega 3 hit.

Looking to top up your vitamins? Try cashews.

As well as being high in protein, cashews are also jam packed full of nutrients. They’re a good source of iron (great for vegans and vegetarians), zinc (which helps with everything from boosting our libido to support or immune system and magnesium (amazing for joint pain). If you want to treat yourself, check out the limited edition Easter Egg Cashew Nut butter-its added milk chocolate will give you a calcium hit too!

Upping your fibre? Try pistachio

While all nuts are incredibly healthy, pistachio is perhaps the most virtuous of the bunch. It’s rich in antioxidants and extremely high in fibre. It contains vitamin B6 which is known for its mood boosting properties and potassium (a key nutrient for our nervous system). Why not try Funky Nut Co’s pistachio nut butter? It contains nothing but pistachios with no added nasties; making it suitable for those on a paleo diet too!

On a dairy free diet? Try almond

Almonds are great for those on a dairy free diet- since they’re a plant based source of protein and calcium.You can even make your own almond milk by simply adding a cup of water to 2 teaspoons of almond nut butter. It’s great adding to porridge and popping in smoothies too.

Need an Omega- 3 Boost? Try our super seeds!

Essential fatty acids- such as omega 3- are vital to our health. Eating these foods regularly can help with everything from dry skin to inflammation to heart health. We can get these through fish but only if it’s of the wild variety; which is why so many of us are turning to seeds to get our fix instead. The best seeds for omega 3 are flaxseed and chia seeds:In fact chia seeds are thought to have more omega 3 than a serving of salmon! Funky Nut Co’s four seed peanut butter is the perfect combination: it contains plenty of peanuts, along with chia, flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds! A cupboard stable for vegans or those looking to increase their omega 3 intake.

Heading to the gym? Mix up your nuts!

There’s no one go-to nut butter for a protein fix because all nut butters are an excellent of protein. Therefore, mixing up your nut butters is a great idea if you’re on a high protein diet. This will add variety into your diet but will also make sure you’re getting maximum nutritional benefit by getting a range of vitamins and minerals from your nut butters.