Pimp My Peanut Butter : Mini Muffin Madness

We like video here at Funky Nut. Lately have been creating what we think are videos that are, well, a bit funky. Well actually, to tell you the truth the first ones are not exactly going to win any BAFTA’s but we are getting better.

With the first in our new series Pimp My Peanut Butter : Mini Muffin Madness we think things are about to change.

Turning Something from Mehh to Whoo Hoo

The interweb is full recipe videos and some are great like the Tasty series we have all seen. Some…. are a bit rubbish. But what’s our idea then to be some of the best? Well, we think we can show you how to take some bland and boring stuff, or some already cool bits and bobs and make more of them. So we will be pimping them up.

Mini Muffin Madness

This is one we created this week by taking some bog standard mini muffins from our local Aldi and with a little magicness-ness, jam and of course our peanut butter. It didn’t take long to make these bite size treats (bite size if you have a gob like the entrance to a train tunnel). But when you have jammed them in they do taste good.

Hope you liked it.

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