Whoop. We never thought that making peanut butter would make us famous. But hey, it has. Not a lot, I mean, we won't be signing autographs anytime soon or running from the paparazzi 😎.

But from time to time we appear in magazines (and soon to be on TV). And so, we are putting the list here and if you have nothing better to do, click on the images and take a look.


Snack Buyer Magazine: They like our PB Pretzels

Funky Nut | Snack Buyer Magazine


10 best peanut butters from crunchy to Smooth.

Funky Nut | Independant


Meet the Founder

Successfull Founder | Funky Nut


Delicious Magazine - We are voted best smooth and crunchy PB in the UK.


Delicious magazine | Funky Nut


Tasting Table - They loved our Creme Egg Butter

Metro - Also loved our Cream Egg limited edition.



Webeing Magazine.



OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine

Funky Nut | OM Yoga and Lifestyle

Femail Online

Funky Nut | Female Online