Oreo Madness : Pimp My Peanut Butter

Hands up anyone that does not like Oreo’s. Right, you are not right in the head so please leave this page right away. For the people with the correct answer read on. We bring you Oreo Madness.

If you know anything about us then you know it is our job to make something more of the normal smooth & crunchy peanut butters that are on many of the shop shelves today.

Here, with Easter in mind we have taken half an Easter egg and well… Pimped it up. Let me introduce you to Oreo Madness. Oreo cookies (see more about these sexy little things here), natural peanut butter (which you can buy here), ice cream and more crammed into the chocolate easter egg… Its nice.

Im not going to drone on with a recipe, you can work it out (that’s part of the fun) there are no rules in funky land.

Just watch and enjoy the funkiness.