Make Your Own Almond Milk : Better Than Shop Bought

Sales of almond milk seem to be on the up. Vegans, Vegetarians, milk allergies and people looking for a lower calorie alternative to regular milk are all onto it. But why not make your own?

With some of the branded makes of almond milk containing potassium citrate, sunflower lecithin and gellan gum as reported by Huffington Post here. making your own almond milk will ensure you get nothing but the goodness you want with non of the fillers that line the pockets of the big boys… Stuff them right 🙂

What’s in Almond Milk?

There is no big mystery to it.. Really, its just water and almond butter (in our version anyway). You can of course go down the longer route and soak your nuts (ooerr) over night. But we think the milk is just as good for you when you use natural almond butter.

Check out the video and have a go. Why not funk it up a little with coconut milk or raw cacao.

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