Fruit Filled Easter Egg

How many ways are there to eat an Easter Egg? Who knows. But I’ll tell you what.. We are going to have a go at finding out.. Let me introduce to you our Fruit Filled Easter Egg (With peanut butter Obvs)

Over 80 million Easter eggs are sold every year it says here. That’s quite a few. And our fave The Cadbury Creme Egg has been around since 1971. But even with the huge number of chocolate egg creations around we think they can be made into something better.

Here, we have tried to keep it a little healthy by cramming in some banana and strawberry as well as a thick layer of natural peanut butter and other gooey goodness.

As usual there is no recipe.. That’s not how we work (and there are better recipes on the interweb). Our advice.. Just get yourself an egg. fill it high and have fun devouring the same.

Let us know how it goes.

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