Creme Egg Cashew Butter is Back

Our Creme Egg Cashew Butter is Back for Easter 2017!

Okay so hopefully you’ll already know our nut butters are special, in fact they are Funky. We do all we can to come up with new and unusual flavours to keep even the pickiest of nut butter fans happy.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a big egg), you may have seen our Creme Egg nut butter in the MetroBustle, and Mashable  as well as other news outlets last year. So, naturally, by popular demand, we are rolling out the Creme Eggs and got to cracking once again.

We hope that you already know our butters are eggstraordinary but let me tell you what you can eggspect this coming Easter from our crème egg cashew butter… it’s eggstraordinary… it’s eggseptional… it’s…

What makes our Creme Egg Cashew Butter so eggsalent? Let us eggsplain.

  • The combination of fresh ground cashew butter and Cadbury’s Creme Eggs is the perfect mix if you love all things goo.
  • It’s healthier than eating just Creme Eggs and Easter chocolate – lower in sugar, full of healthy fats, higher in protein and so so decadent.
  • You can eat it anyway you please. Mmhmm, oh yes. You can spread it spoon it, dollop on rice cakes or, if you’re feeling super Easter-y, take it straight from jar to mouth.
  • You can still eat it if you’re vegetarian. We don’t discriminate when it comes  to deliciousness.
  • We don’t scrimp on the chocolate either. We add 20% real milk chocolate to our natural peanut butter. This really is a perfect addition to Easter.
  • It’s handmade, and everything from unwrapping creme eggs to putting in pots up is done by Funky Nut’s team of eggspert Nutologists.

So what are you waiting for? (Seriously – this limited edition nut butter will be gone before you know it).

For a short time only, treat yourself to this amazing Easter time favourite and dollop, spread or spoon your way to nut butter heaven!

Why not check out our crème egg butter video here

*No chocolate hens were harmed in the making of this nut butter*