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Palm Oil Free Peanut Butter

Palm Oil Free Peanut Butter: Why you don’t need Palm Oil in Nut Butters

We’re really proud of every single ingredient that goes into all our nut butters. We don’t put any nasties in our nut butters and we certainly don’t sneak anything into our recipes that we’d be ashamed to tell you about. So, we just wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about a subject that’s really important to us, and you: palm oil. It’s a controversial topic so we think you should know a little bit more about it.

Nut butter without palm oil

We make a range of all natural butters and these include our natural peanut butter and almond butters. These butters are 100% nutty with nothing else added. Zero palm oil. But being the funky chaps and chapettes that we are, we also make the weird and wonderful butters like our Caramel Crunch peanut butter. And do you remember our Valentines Almond L'Amour butter? (See the video below) The chocolate and ingredients we buy contain a little palm oil but we make sure it's all RSPO certified which is nice.

What is this Palm Oil I keep hearing so much about?

Well, it’s self-explanatory: it’s an oil that a LOT of folk think it’s OK to use in packaged goods. The oil itself is a vegetable oil that comes from the fruit of oil palm trees and is most likely to come from Indonesia or Malaysia which makes up more than 85% of the global supply.

Why do people use palm oil and what do they use it for?

Palm oil is used a lot in production because it’s really versatile and easy to work with. According to the WWF (the animal folk not the over-sized wrestling folk), palm oil is used in almost 50% of the packaged goods in supermarkets. So, the next time you have a pizza or even buy a deodorant it might be worth having a wee peek at the back of pack to see if you’ve bought a product laced with palm oil.

Palm oil is everywhere, but what’s the big deal?

So, the ‘big deal’ is that we all like animals and the rain forest, right? Well, unfortunately not all palm oil is sourced sustainably which means that some companies are actively participating in the destruction of rain forests to harvest the palm oil which, in turn, destroys the habitats of some awesome animals such as the Orangutan, the pygmy elephant and the Sumatran rhino; and I’m afraid we just can’t be friends with anyone that’s cool with that.

Are you as narked off as we are yet? If not throw this into your ethical mixing pot: deforestation caused by the unsustainable production of palm oil is also contributing to the accelerated pace of climate change.

But you can get palm oil free foods, right?

Yes, my friend, yes you can! The beauty of making nut butter is that the nuts themselves produce lots of lovely nut oil during the production process which takes a dry nutty mix and turns it into a lovely nutty butter. So there really is no need to add anything else. I know you’re probably sat there thinking: ‘why do people bother at all if you don’t need to?’ Great question – we have no idea! You can get great peanut butter without palm oil in the UK so why wouldn’t you choose a nut butter that’s animal friendly?

Sustainably sourced palm oil is it a thing?

Yes, that’s also a thing! The good people at the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil have devised an awesome set of environmental and social criteria that means companies can drastically reduce the negative impact that the cultivation of palm oil has on the environment and society.

At Funky Nut we avoid palm oil as much as possible and if we absolutely must use it we make sure it’s cleared by the good people at RSPO. The only way we can make a real difference is if we all take a stand and boycott products that do contain unsustainably sourced palm oil. The issue at the moment is that companies will continue to sneak it into products because there’s still a demand for them; if we take away the demand we take away the product. So, the next time your feeling nutty why not select a palm oil free peanut butter in the UK that will make a Sumatran rhino smile?

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