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Nut butter for healthy ageing

Nut butter for healthy ageing

Funky Nut | Peanut Butter For Healty Ageing

As a fan of nut butters, you already know that they taste amazing and can make the most mundane snacks taste incredible. But how much do you know about the health benefits and how nut butters can benefit you as you age? After all, 20% of the world’s population is expected to be over 60 by the year 2050 and it would be nice to get there in one piece. Read on for more information and some ammo to help you bring others onto the nut butter boat!

Nuts, an obvious ingredient in nut butters, can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, a heart problem that affects 44,000 people under the age of 75 per year in the UK. Consuming the cis-unsaturated fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and many phytonutrients found in nuts is associated with a reduction in heart disease. This may be due to the lifestyle practices of the typical nut eater, as those who aim to include nuts in their diet are more likely to have healthier lifestyle practices, including a better general diet and participation in regular exercise. Or, it could also be that nuts provide a greater feeling of fullness and help to handle sugar cravings, preventing you from eating foods that are bad for cardiovascular health.

There is more good news for nut butter lovers on the diabetes front! Type 2 diabetes can be managed using nutrition and the fibre and polyphenols contained in nuts can help control blood glucose levels. This has an anti-diabetic effect on the body, helping to restore insulin sensitivity. This means that the body learns to use glucose more effectively, reducing blood sugar and potentially reversing Type 2 diabetes.

As well as having a role in managing common ageing diseases, nut butters can help you to remain more physically active. This allows you to age healthily and maintain a good quality of life. Two minerals found in nuts and nut butters, arginine and magnesium, can battle inflammation and oxidative stressiv. This improves recovery from activity and exercise. 30g of brazil nuts contains a whopping third of your daily magnesium, making brazil nut butter a must if you want to remain active as you age. Recovering better means you can exercise more regularly and enjoy a healthy ageing process.

So, as well as tasting great, nut butters can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and manage Type 2 diabetes. An added bonus is that the antioxidants in nuts help with recovery from exercise, allowing you to remain active and further combat heart disease and Type 2 diabetes through the use of exercise. So it’s a win win for everyone, and the complete opposite of a vicious circle.

The only challenge you face now is deciding which nut butter is best for you! Can we suggest our 1kg natural peanut butter or 1kg almond butter as a great start.

Luckily, it so easy to consume nut butters as the modern world provides many varieties in contrast to the simple peanut butters available in the early days. You can now get your hands on cashew nut butter and almond nut butter which contain around 20-30% of your daily magnesium requirement per 30g serving. You can even get varieties such as sunflower seed nut butter and coconut almond butter meaning that there really is a flavour for everyone. Seed nut butter varieties are also nutrient dense and options such as sunflower seed nut butter or pumpkin spice almond butter can provide you with extra magnesium to capitalise on the positive antioxidant effects.

Now there’s no excuse for not ageing well!

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