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Peanut Butter at Christmas | Should we bring this back? | 2019

Mince Pie Peanut Butter | Funky Nut

Peanut Butter at Christmas

Ok, ok, Yes it's still only September (when this was written at least) and although most people want to hide their heads under a pillow rather then face Christmas: in a peanut butter factory we need to plan ahead to make sure our nut butters are ready for you to buy.

And to enjoy this baby, you don't need to have the baking skills of Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood. No longer do you need to search Google for a mince pie recipe. No, We have made it much simpler for you to taste the festive delight that is a mince pie.

When we make our mince pie peanut butter, we use real traditional mincemeat, chock full of the fruit and spices you would expect; but the fun doesn't stop there.. Oh no.. We add an over generous blob of natural crunchy peanut butter.

Should we make this mince pie peanut butter again?

You may have seen this nut butter for sale in B&M Stores last Christmas. The news highlighted the mince pie HERE and HERE. But the question we are asking today is shall we make it for Christmas, 2019?

We are going to leave this up to you guys. Drop us a line or a message here and if you want it, you can have it.

It's really that simple :-)

Update 01.11.2019 - It's back! After overwhelming feedback and requests from our customers, we have had no option but to introduce once again the best Mince Pie Peanut Butter you can buy anywhere! Have a fantastic Funky Christmas you nutty lot!

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