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Bodybuilders and Nut Butter Lies

You can’t eat that - you’re a Body Builder!

There are all sorts of rumours bandied about with regard to Body Builders and Bikini Models nutrition and ‘diets’. ‘They’re so restricted’, ‘they’re not allowed anything except chicken’ – recently a gym-goer said to me ‘Body Builders aren’t allowed fats in their diet, I just couldn’t do that!’

Well, let me set the record straight: Body Builders and Bikini Models do eat. They eat A LOT! And we include plenty of fats in our diet. Healthy fats are vital for the human body to produce hormones and absorb nutrients. They provide energy and help with cell growth. 

Bodybuilding and nut butter

All of which are important for any healthy human, let alone body builders.

One of our most favoured sources of fats is nut butters. Not just because they taste SO good, but because of the huge nutritional benefits. Yes, they are high in calories, but during our ‘off-season’ when we’re looking to grow, we require plenty of those!

The saturated fats in nut butters are relatively low, yet the healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats are nice and high and these help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce heart disease. Nut butters are also a good source of potassium, iron and folate. 

Nut butters are easy to use, there’s no cooking required, they are readily available and an inexpensive source of good fats. They a are very versatile food too and can fit into any diet, from putting a spoon on your oats in the morning, spreading on toast, adding to smoothies, making rice cakes more interesting, or making a delicious satay sauce to have with your all-important chicken. 

So, how happy was I when I found the Funky Nut Company! Their basic Peanut Butters are completely free from added oils and salt - just 100% Peanuts. The texture and taste are delicious, no need to spend ages trying to mix in the oils, and they are naturally sweet. 

Then I discovered their flavoured nut butters - what a treat for something a little more indulgent tasting, but still relatively low in sugars in comparison to mass-produced PB’s. 

I can’t recommend these enough anyone, not just body builders!




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