What the FUNK are we about?

It’s simple really. We want to make the best nut butters out there.  Whether it’s one of our classic “au-naturale” nut butters, or one of our more outrageously flavoured ones, the aim is the same; to bring smiles to faces and have a lot of FUNKING fun along the way

How did the FUNK start?

The FUNKINESS started when Mr Funky Nut (AKA Julian) was wandering the spread aisle one day.  He realised that you can buy many flavours of jams and marmalades but peanut butter lovers were stuck with smooth or crunchy.  Here it was Funky Julian had a nut butter epiphany…

Let there be flavoured nut butters

…and there were, and it was FUNKING good.

OK…maybe it didn’t go QUITE like that, but it’s close enough.  What did happen was a food processor was bought and all kinds of grinding, mixing and tasting until the nuttiness was ready for spreading.. Get it? Peanut butter… Spreading 🙂

What makes us better?

Look, we’d love to say it’s our good looks, intelligence and dazzling wit, but we don’t think you’d believe us.  What makes us better is we do make FUNKING good nut butters, we’d go as far as saying the bestest. Some of our proudest and best-known creations include our Creme Egg Cashew Butter and the even more popular M&M chocolate peanut butter (We did get a good telling off from Cadburys and Mars for using their trademarks on these… Oops, sorry guys).

But it’s not just about making nut butter, we love what we do and we love chatting to our customers about what we are doing or have planned. We really do like what we do, and we hope people see and like us for our nutty passion.

What’s next in the FUNKY line up?

Here at FUNKY HQ, we’ve always got something up our nutty sleeves.  Whether it’s a new flavour for you to fill your faces with, new projects or events…we’re always keeping busy.  Whatever we’re doing, we always make sure to bring smiles to the faces of all the nutters around us.