8 Ways To Use Cashew Butter

If you’re anything like us, then you are likely to be a bit addicted to cashew nut butter. But our efforts don’t often go beyond slathering it on toast (or, if we’re honest, eating it out of the jar! Yes- we know you do it too!). As well as being an excellent source of vegan protein and healthy fats, cashew nut butter is also extremely versatile: from stir-fries to deserts. Here we give you 8 ways to use cashew butter.

1. Hot Cross Bun Muffins


These gluten free hot cross buns use one special ingredient: cashew nut butter! Perfect for breakfast, snacking or an evening treat- these muffins also cut down on sugar by using the natural sweetness of cashew butter, along with cinnamon and orange zest. A must bake this easter!

2. Grilled Chicken Satay

A Thai staple, chicken satay is the perfect dish to whip up. This version replaces peanut butter with cashew butter- for a cleaner, healthier sauce which is paleo friendly too. We reckon this would be equally as yummy with tofu and veggies too.

3. Coconut Cashew Butter Soup

This might sound like a random concoction (we must admit, it took us a while to get our heads around it!) but given it’s creamy texture, cashew butter is perfect for adding flavour to soups. This vegan recipe combines cashew nut butter, garlic, cayenne peppers, lime and coconut butter for a spicy and creamy soup. Delicious.

4. Pad Thai

Another thai staple- pad thai is a combination of peanuts, lime, rice noodles, prawns and veggies. This healthier take on the classic, uses courgettes and cashew butter. Go one step further and replace the rice noodles with spiralized veg and switch chicken for tofu: the perfect plant based supper.

5. Chocolate Cashew Butter Smoothie

For those with dairy intolerances, milkshakes used to be a thing of the past. However, this cashew smoothie comes a close second to the super indulgent, sugar packed milkshakes we used to love. Combining cashew nut butter, dark chocolate and banana- it’s a gorgeously rich smoothie that will keep you full until lunch (and doubles up as a great dessert too!)

6. Overnight Oats


This yummy breakfast concoction uses cashew butter, chia seeds and oats to create a creamy porridge that’s perfect for busy mornings. We’d never of thought to add lemon juice too but ,surprisingly, it works!

7. Crispy Duck Legs with Hoisin Sauce

Duck and hoisin sauce is a huge favourite of ours when we eat Chinese cuisine, but it usually contains gluten and lots of sugar. Health blogger Ceri does a fab job of turning this classic into a healthy alternative- using cashew nut butter, molasses and apple cider vinegar to create the perfect hoisin sauce and swaps traditional pancakes for lettuce leaves.

8. Cashew Nut Butter Biscuits

You’ll need to fork out for a whole jar of cashew nut butter for this one- but it’s definitely worth it. Using only seven ingredients, this paleo friendly vegan recipe swaps eggs for chia eggs and sweetens the biscuits with coconut sugar. They’re the perfect biscuit recipe for clean eaters as the chia and cashew nut butter ensures they’re jam packed full of vegan protein and good fats.

Hopefully this is plenty of inspiration to get you started! We’d love to hear more about how you use your cashew butter below! Remember you can stock up on all our cashew butters here.

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